Manufacturing Engineer

Science Communicator

Policy Consultant

Floriane Fidegnon

Floriane (Flo-ree-Anne) is a manufacturing engineer , science communicator and policy consultant. With an interest in future technologies, innovation, design and inclusion she dreams of a STEM sector, that is diverse, agile and innovative. With a Bachelors in Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Warwick, Floriane’s experience spans across youth engagement, manufacturing and policy engagement.

As a speaker and science communicator, Floriane is a regular speaker at schools, conferences and events, with audience sizes ranging from 20 to 500 people, engaging with students, academics, politicians, industry and many more. 


In 2020 she was awarded the Equal Engineers Engineering Student of the Year award, as well as the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Engineering Leaders Scholarship.

She has also previously been awarded the Bright Network Society of the year for Diversity and Inclusion (2019).

Alan Turing Institute STEM Gamechangers Runner Up (2018), Women in Science and Engineering ‘One to watch’ award shortlisted (2017), Black Youth Awards STEM Recipient (2016). BBC  Make it Digital Young innovator (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p04btvcx) (2016). 

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